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The Knit Kit

I got a tweet this morning about a new product called "The Knit Kit". It contains a small pair of scissors, stitch markers, point protectors, stitch counter, thread cutter, crochet hook and a measuring tape and retails for a mere $20 US. I cry "Highway Robbery!" as I made my own "knit kit" for far less than that more than a year ago, and by pure accident rather than whim!

My kit is contained in a standard-sized Altoids tin -- 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 7/8" (approx). It contains:

  • 1 3-foot measuring tape
  • 1 pair of folding scissors
  • 1 mini pen for making notes
  • 1 mini crochet hook
  • 4 point protectors
  • 1 thimble
  • 5 guage small stitch markers
  • 6 large guage stitch markers
  • 4 different types of darning/embroidery needles
  • 1 thread needle
  • 6 safety pins
  • and one of my 6yr old's teeth, that happened to come out while we were away from home

There's no stitch counter in mine right now, because I'm not using one at the moment -- but I have one that fits in there with everything else. My kit is also conveniently backed with a sheet of adhesive magnet so that it can stick to the fridge, or to the magnetic board in my craft room.

It cost far less than $20 US to make, contains a lot more stuff, and is small enough to toss into a bag -- it's smaller than the Knit Kit, in fact. And the fact that it's all contained inside an Altoids tin?

Well, that just amuses me. :)

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