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"Oh Why, Oh Why Would I Want To Be Anywhere Else"

Do you ever have that feeling that you've something terribly important to share and it's right on the tip of your tongue, but actually being able to say it aloud eludes you? That's how I feel today. I blame it on the weather -- it's a glorious sunny day, with temperatures hovering around 0C. The air smells like Spring, the yard looks like January, and the melding of the two has me feeling uplifted and revived without a clear focus for the creative energy.

That's not to say I haven't been creative -- in fact, I've been jokingly wondering if there exists a 12-step program for compulsive hat-knitters. I finished (and the started) another one yesterday. If I can find one of those display heads, I'll probably take some pics and list them. I think the one I just completed still needs a pompom on top, but I'm not yet convinced.

I've tossed some Lily Allen in to listen to, as the levity suits me just right today. It's been ages since I've listened to "Alright, Still" and the upbeat poppiness actually makes the prospect of folding laundry appealling. I like when things fit together like that.

In TTC news, after a week of no bleeding (have been bleeding since Jan 9-10), started bleeding again and then stopped again. I guess I'll have to get the bloodwork done again after all. I opted not to go after it stopped a week or so ago and my family fell ill with a stomach virus, and was hoping this might be my period, but it doesn't seem to be so. Ah well. I'll get my "lady gear" sorted out sooner or later.

In completely unrelated news, the OPL has Red Green and my children have apparently fallen under his duct tape spell. This amuses me to no end, given the identity of their father.

In more unrelated news, my birthday is swiftly approaching and I haven't made any plans. I turn 33 in four days and all I can think about it whether I feel like getting a hair cut this week. :p I may make some belated plans to get out with some of the girls -- this weekend is bad as it's V-Day weekend and folks have plans for such things. ;)

ETA: Jim Cuddy, Friday night on the Canal! Whoo!

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