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Review: Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs

Awhile back I was sent a package of Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs to review. Over the next 6 weeks, my husband and I switched back and forth between using these convenient, tidy little pacs and our regular environmentally-friendly dishwasher detergents. In assessing the differences between the pacs and our regular detergents, I was surprised to see how poorly our enviro-friendly gel detergent performed on dirtier items like pots and utensils but happy to see that our regular powder stood up to the cleaning challenge. I was satisfied with the product performance and enjoyed the no-muss no-fuss of popping one into the dishwasher when it was ready to go.

The scent was clean and refreshing, without being overly chemical or strong, and the resealable bag made the detergent easy to store. The only downside that seemed obvious to me is the price difference between this and what we'd use normally -- this is clearly a case of paying for convenience, but convenience is worth a lot to some people and the premeasured pacs take the guesswork out of deciding how much detergent to use.

We will be sticking with our regular detergent for now, though. :)


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