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Preparing For The "Big One"

I realized today, upon leaving the library after a brief discussion about eating local produce in the winter, that I am never really sure where the line is between "urban homesteader" and "paranoid hippie wingnut".

Can't Sleep -- Foil Hat's Gonna Eat Me!

I also realized that I'm somewhat smug about our big buckets of staples and cool toys -- like our pressure canner and vacuum sealer.

But mainly I think it's pretty cool how much my views on this stuff have grown and matured over the past 15 years, and am amazed at the knowledge and resources I have accumulated that allow for us to eat as well as we do. I'm not a whole-hog organics person by any stretch of the imagination, but where it counts -- for flavour or quality -- I prefer it and I am quite satisfied with the extent to which I support the local economy. I am particularly glad that we buy almost all of our meat directly from the farmers.

I will go on wearing my tinfoil hat with pride. At least my kids come by it honestly..

"Oh Why, Oh Why Would I Want To Be Anywhere Else"