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Yeah, 33.

I'm not a person who likes to post a "greed" list but I've had a few folks asking me if there's anything in particular I'd like for my birthday -- seeing as it's only a few weeks away and all. Other than holding on to the faintest hope that I'll receive Series 1 of the new Dr. Who, I don't want anything "new" for my birthday. Nothing new, you say?

No, rather than feed into rampant consumerism I'd prefer previously loved gifts. To make it easier, here are some items I'm hankering after or for which I possess a particular fondness:

  • vintage Pyrex serving dishes and mixing bowls: Right now I'm looking for the red 1.5 qt bowl (#402) to complete my set of Primary Colors nesting bowls.
  • Royal Albert 'Silver Birch', 'Foxglove', and 'Blossomtime' odds and sods
  • interesting old serving ware:  serving spoons and pickle forks, in particular
  • older/vintage hardcover books:  I collect vintage children's literature, but also enjoy classic Victorian and Gothic literature. The Five Little Peppers, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins, LM Mongomery, etc are particular faves. Right now I'm looking for an older edition of Pinnochio to read to #1. Thomas Hardy is always a hit with me. I am also a fan of vintage and antique cookbooks.
  • glass flower "frogs" -- I have a decent collection going now
  • vintage clothing patterns -- particularly 1940's and earlier
  • any of Gregory Maguire's revisionist children's stories: I haven't read any, but am now fully hooked onto the musical 'Wicked' and have been told that the book(s) is much better.
  • I also like custom-made mix CDs (so high school of me, I know) and handmade gifts.

Pretty much all of these things can be found at a local thrift shop -- to make it even more wonderful, I like to hear about what a great deal the 'thrifted' gift was!

I am really a lot easier to shop for than people think. ;-)

ETA: I've excerpted this and added it to my "About Me" page for easy reference. :-)

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