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I write about about being a 40-something mum of six wonderfully exasperating children, attachment parenting, my adventures in the kitchen, and whatever else comes to mind. 


Point Form

  • I'm in a better head space over the miscarriage -- at least I know I can still get pregnant and that the surgery in the Fall must have helped somehow.
  • Our Dr gave us the go ahead to start TTC again immediately.
  • A friend just had a beautiful baby boy -- a big one like #2. I can't wait to meet him and might have to knit another hat. I've become addicted to baby / small child hats.
  • The dr who told me this would be like a period must be on crack. I have bad periods -- heavy, sometimes 10 days long -- and this is far worse than any I've ever had. This is the second time in a year when I've wondered how much blood is too much. How is it possible to have worse bleeding after this than I did after giving birth?
  • This has been good for my reading list. Being upright for too long makes me dizzy and faint, so I spent most of the weekend lying down and reading or dozing. Last night I discovered the Ruth Rendall mysteries -- I'm hooked.
  • The bus strike sucks. I miss having the option of using the van during the day for errands, not that I used it often.
  • Is it weird of me to hope that the library has its recycling out today?


  • #2 has been adorable through this. He's rather disappointed that there won't be a baby after all -- he's been asking for one for four years, you know! He has, however, taken hold of the idea that he needs to take care of his mom and all weekend would come into the bedroom where I was resting and give me a kiss to "stick the sleep on", then tuck the blankets around me just so before saying "haf a good sleep, Mommy" in a rather loud stage whisper.


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