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How Did I Forget This Stuff?

In the last week my boobs have painfully inflated by at least a cup size, if not more. If gravity and movement didn't make them excruciatingly uncomfortable, they might be kind of fun to dress up and take out on the town. As it is, I rather want to bury them under a big comfy sweatshirt and try not to move too much. Also? Morning sickness doesn't have to happen in the morning. Sometimes it can happen in the middle of the night, or all afternoon -- I didn't have any with #1, and only a short period of "the queasy" with #2, so I'm hoping this passes soon. Stale air (like hot air being blown around in a vehicle) and coffee (*sob*) seem to be the worst culprits as random triggers. I have been overcompensating with grapefruit. You have no idea how glad I am that white grapefruit are finally back in season!

The unabating desire for an afternoon nap is hard to deny. This didn't happen with #2, but I was so overwhelmed and exhausted chasing around a 1yr old at the time that I might just have not noticed. I definately had this fatigue with #1 and had to try hard not to fall asleep at my desk. Now I just try not to fall asleep when I'm the sole parent on duty -- or, if I am, try to convince one or both of my beasties to fall asleep with me.

The more paranoia-based stuff is that I've had some spotting -- nothing much, except for one worrying incident -- and a bit crampy. Some people experience this at this point anyway as a result of the physical changes taking place, but I didn't with my last two. However, I've had "issues" with my "equipment" and as such am not stressing too much over it and will be booking my various appts on Monday. Apparently everything closes over the Christmas break -- who knew?

In totally related news, I knit a baby hat and my very first baby sweater. I will post pictures soon..

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