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Foggy Thursday Stuff

Today is off to a good start. I'm hoping to maintain the positive momentum through the day. I really like waking up happy, but going to bed still happy is even better. Last night I hit the Carleton with some crafty ladies and a couple crafty men for some quality time knitting, gabbing, and drinking beer. It was nice to catch up with John and Alex as I haven't seen either of them in awhile since cooler temperatures ended the 2008 Brew and Q season -- hopefully we'll be able to sort something out in terms of a group family meal and get everyone together soon. I worked on my mother's Christmas present and was happy and relieved to hear folks commenting on great colour choice. I'm not terribly good at selecting colours for stuff, and was worried it might be too drab.

This morning I woke too early with a scratchy throat and a coughing child, but managed to get back to sleep. The boys are still adapting to the time change, but are happy to play until it's time for everyone to get up. I was amused by how eager they both were to cooperate in preparing their breakfast. Then I made myself a fine cup of home roasted coffee (and I may make another before lunchtime) and some toast, and grabbed a couple minutes to check the weather and news before getting the boys' lunches ready for school. Yay, fog! Weather that reminds me of home -- we don't get nearly enough of it here in Eastern Ontario. ;)

My day got infinately better when I spotted the library recycling bin on the morning walk. Among other things, I scored a great hardcover copy of "A Man Called Intrepid" -- a book I've been wanting to read for years, a french encyclopedia-type book about horses for a friend's daughter, a whole bunch of really interesting war-related books (did you know I've become a bit of a war geek in the last few years?), and a cool airplane colouring book. All in all, a very exciting haul for me.

The rest of my morning will be spent doing my stretching (now that my tummy feels a bit more up to it), tidying the living room, and folding laundry while watching a movie. I hope to get some laundry and yardwork done this afternoon before picking up #1 and having a friend over for tea. If I'm really coordinated, I might even hop out to Ikea tonight to pick up the set of shelves I need for the dining room. They would help a lot in getting everything where it needs to go.

Yes, today is shaping up well. :)

ETA: My mom just called and said that she and my Dad will likely be able to get up to visit for a couple days in a week or so. While I'm a tad freaked about getting the house "parents-ready", this is really awesome!

I've been a bit down about not seeing my folks in over a year and it's been years since they've both visited here together -- my dad was here for a whirlwind visit last year (? I think, maybe the year before) and I don't think my mom has been here since the summer before #2 was born. It's always just been easiest to visit them and stay for awhile, soaking up all the Nova Scotian atmosphere to get me through the following 12mos of Ontario life. ;)  I'm pretty stoked about this, really, but it will make me rather incommunicado via email, blog and Facebook until I've got my house organizing accomplished.


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