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"Eat Well Save More" -- food reviews by #1

(Okay, to be fair, this is a day late but two days of a sick working-from-home dh kind of through my week for a loop!) As part of the aforementioned promotional campaign by Loblaws, my household received a shopping box filled with an assortment of free goodies. I decided to engage #1 in helping to review the items for the blog.

In the box were a box of grape Jello, a bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail, Tostitos Restaurant-style tortilla chips, Diana's BBQ sauce, and a bottle of Kraft Catalina dressing.

Jello: #1 declared this easy enough for him to make by himself (he's 6.5 years old). He also declared it very yummy, but not very healthy. He decided we could make it healthier if we added fruit and used fruit juice, but still thought it had a lot of sugar in it. It surprised me to realize that he's probably only had Jello one or two other times in his life.

Cranberry Cocktail: This is something we buy normally from time to time. #1 loves it and immediately asked if we could have more. We typically dilute it with 50% water, but even so the bottle was gone by the end of the day!

Tostitos: Tortilla chips are another family favorite, though we don't generally buy this brand. #1 liked them because they were extra salty, but decided that they weren't really a healthy snack on their own. He prefers his with a lot of salsa ("red sauce" in our house).

He refused outright to review the BBQ sauce and the salad dressing. LOL I have to say that I really like the Diana's BBQ sauce -- it's good as a wing sauce, steak sace, and also great in slow cooker recipes. The salad dressing isn't really a brand we buy -- too many ingredients I can't pronounce -- but it tastes good.

The green shopping box? The best part of the package, IMO! I love these for so many different things: laundry baskets, garden totes, toy box, potluck carry-all, ..oh, and they get used for groceries, too! ;)

After looking everything over, though, #1 declared that the only really "healthy" thing was the juice -- and that's only because he can't read the words on the label yet. Both of us agreed that Loblaws should make sure that they include more really "healthy" foods in this promotion if they truely want people to "Eat Well".

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