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Not-As-Hollow, man

Okay, now that the smack has kicked in I feel less prone to unexpected floods of tears. This is a definate improvement, though I still feel pretty wiped from the emotional toll of going without for the past couple days. Good things so far today:

  1. #2 being a sweetheart on the way home from school, chuntering about this and that and then telling me that he wants to lie down for a snuggle this afternoon so I can have a little nap and he can watch a movie before going to get his brother. He's a pretty perceptive kid when he's not trying to be an entertainer.
  2. Stopping at the chip truck for poutine and pogo with #2 on the way home and basking in his glee over the Orange Crush I bought. (I normally never buy pop -- dh has kegged healthy grape "soda" for them at home.)
  3. Having a second cup of really hot, really sweet orange pekoe tea. I've cut back to only a cup of coffee (or two really weak cups) a day for the past couple weeks and am starting to shift myself back to tea for awhile.
  4. Finally getting the kids and myself library cards and making plans with #2 to go over when #1 is at judo tonight to pick out a book. His excitement is a bit infectious and that's a contagion I'm quite happy to be exposed to at the moment.
  5. Dh finally agreeing to looking at purchasing a deli slicer. I've been wanting one of those babies for *years*.
  6. Seeing that the weather should be awesome for the last Brew'n'Q of the season and already knowing what I will be making for my food contribution.

I am still rather wiped out and am finding motivation hard today, but at least I'm able to smile at something again

hollow, man

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