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Is It Only The 9th?!

I feel as though this month is just flying by. Today my youngest started SK. My oldest (#1) had this advice for him: "Pay attention and listen to your teacher." He felt the need to stress this for his brother several times on the way to school -- it was unprompted, terribly cute and an unfortunately accurate prediction of his brother's personality quirks. All said, he was a fair bit more helpful with his advice than I'd have been for my own little brother. Mine would have been more along the lines of "keep your head down and for land's sakes don't embarrass me!"

In other news, #2 had his BigScaryDental procedure yesterday. The molar was unable to be saved -- I will have to take a picture of it to convey just how horrifying it was. I am not at all exaggerating when I state that 1/2 the above-gum portion of the tooth was completely non-existant. I cannot for the life of me understand how this couldn't be causing him pain. The pulp was exposed. It smelled like rotten socks. It makes me feel an unholy compulsion to brush my teeth every 5 minutes! He also got "hats" for three of his teeth, making him the proud owner of three silver "pirate teeth". He's very proud of them and his older brother is rather envious.

I had my u/s. The cyst on the right side that we'd hope would resolve on its own is still present. There is no cyst on the left side now, but there is obvious "debris" from a likely rupture. Given that we were almost positive about this being an endometrioma, I'm feeling a bit queasy about that. I imagine this happened earlier this summer when I had a few days of rather intense pain and discomfort on that side. As the left side is still the most troublesome from a pain management POV, I am doubly concerned about this apparent rupture. If I was at all unsure about pushing for surgery before, I am very certain about it now. I want to know what is going on in there and why it hurts in the manner it does. I've said it before, but getting pregnant is so secondary to all this. Given a choice between another child or not having my bowel adhered to my other internal organs, I know where I throw my vote. Blah.  I find out more next week.

Christmas knitting is going swimmingly. I don't want to spill too many beans, but I'm doing some really nice scarves on the go and have a funky handmade felt project next in line for creation. I've already mentioned the custom-blended tea and biscotti, but I'm considering some other handmade edibles as well. I have also been having some MadEvil giggles contemplating some psycho tree ornaments that I think some of my friends would quite enjoy. The image of the "snowman in hell" keeps floating about my head..

I'm almost done reading HHGG. Yay. :)


We Start All Over Again