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We Start All Over Again

The school year has begun. Tuesday was #1's first day back -- he was quite nervous about it and had a good deal of trouble sleeping the night before. Things seemed under control, though, once we hit the schoolyard and found some of his friends. He's in Grade 1 now and he likes to use this to emphasize things he says. #2 doesn't start until this coming week. He will miss the first day due to a Very! Exciting! triptothedentistfororalsurgery. I'm a bit nervous about that, but it will be good to have it all sorted out. I am completely amazed that his tooth hasn't bothered him at all this summer. By rights, it should be excruciatingly painful.

I go in for my u/s this afternoon to check on the cysts. Also a little nervewracking, but a bit less-so as I know that I won't get any significant info about them from the tech other than what I can glean from the images myself. The left side was giving me pain again yesterday. Knowing that it is smaller than the one removed from my left ovary in 2001 (which was asymptomatic, more or less) but hurts has me a little worried about adhesions. I rather suspect that there will be some -- likely impacting bladder/bowel from what I feel -- which would increase the likelihood of a laparotomy which has a longer recovery time (and would therefore really suck). I will not be at all surprised if I lose that ovary altogether, honestly. I've already reconciled myself to that. Blech.

I've been starting in on the holiday knitting. Amazed at how the summer flew by, I'm now getting a jump on my seasonal gifts. Michaels has a great yarn sale on right now and I stocked up on some great luxery yarns at the Wooltyme warehouse sale a few weeks ago. I should be all set. I also need to get a move on with my tea blends. I found a great place to score some awesome little jars and am really looking forward to getting that all sorted away. I bought the ingredients from Mountain Path earlier this summer and have been itching to get going with them.  Biscotti will, obviously, be made much closer to the holiday season. The hardest part for me is deciding what I am making/doing for each person and ensuring I have enough time to complete the project(s).

I had a fun visit with a high school chum over the long weekend. I'd not seen her for about 11 years and it was great to catch up. I really must make a point of staying in better contact with people. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed her company. #2 has taken a real shine to her. I also got to see my nephew, his wife and their 9mos old daughter. They're here in Ontario, but we don't see them nearly as often as we should. It was a nice visit -- I like them all quite a bit. #2 was in heaven with a baby to coo over!

And the garden.. well, what can I say? So much to do and so little time before it snows. I'm sending out the "last call" for raspberry canes before I just rip them out of the ground. I've got to get them out before mid-autumn so that the perennials I move there will have some time to establish themselves before winter. I also have a few dozen grapevines looking for homes before they're weeded and turned into compost. Once the weather settles back to cool-ish, I'll be starting back into the recycled-stone patio. I have another half-dozen or so stones to smash up and place. This should finish up the seating area and hopefully get me a good start on the BBQ/smoker/deep-fryer area. I have two bags of white granite/quartz stuff, too. I'm not sure what I will use that for but I imagine something will occur to me before too long. The yard is defiately taking on a more woodsy feel this year and I'm really enjoying it.

ETA: I lucked out and had a student sitting in on my u/s so I got to hear a lot of the technical bits that I normally wouldn't get to hear until a follow-up. We were all quite surprised to find no cyst extant on the left side, but there was debris that was deemed to likely be from a cyst rupture (oh joy) -- I'm guessing this was the cause of the several days of intense agony I had earlier this summer. I hope it won't cause problems, as it appeared to be an endometrioma. The one on the right side that they were hoping was just a hemorrhagic cyst that would resolve itself is still there, as is the pain associated with both ovaries. Ugh.  I have to wait until closer to the end of the month to hear anything more specific.

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