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Where I Realize I May Have OD-ed On SciFi

Last night I had a dream It was very real, quite intense and (upon waking) both amused and perplexed me. I may need to cut back on the scifi I've been immersed in lately. I can't remember it all, but I feel obligated to record what I can recall here for everyone's amusement (bemusement? ;) ):

I was in the field with Jack and Ianto (Torchwood -- god, I hope I wasn't supposed to be Gwen :p ), investigating something that fell through the Rift. It was night time. The readings were really weird and we were all a little twigged about what we might find.

What we found was an older Kirk (Star Trek) wandering around, looking really dazed. Strangely (or appropriately?) enough once he and Jack laid eyes on each other, they each kind of gave the other the once over, cocked an eyebrow, and then Jack came out with some comment like "fancy meeting you here". Kirk laughed and was immediately at ease, until a younger Kirk came stumbling out of the darkness, meaning that there was some sort of time paradox on as they were crossing their own timeline. Amusingly enough, the younger Kirk eyed Jack and came out with the same line Jack had used earlier on the older Kirk.

Obviously I've been reading too much slash.

It gets a little hazy at this point but somehow we ended up in the Hub receiving a transmission from Zaphod Beeblebrox (Hitchhiker's Guide) letting us know that he encountered the Enterprise trapped in some weird space/time thingy so we might run into some unexpected visitors, yadda yadda, and could we possibly phone his cousin Ford and let him know he'd be by around 7pm to pick him up as when he'd tried to call Ford he kept ringing the PizzaPizza instead.

At that point I was awoken by my oldest son crawling into bed to give me a morning snuggle.

I think today is definately a two-coffee day.

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