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Not Too Proud To Be A Corporate Shill

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a marketing firm handling Loblaws' "Eat Well Save More" campaign asking if I would be interested in accepting a basket of free samples and blogging about them to help generate interest. I had a momentary twinge of personal ethics but figured that, as I shop at the Superstore and love PC brand products (some more passionately than, perhaps, I should!), it would probably be more hypocritical to refuse the offer. What's wrong with "free"? The box(es) arrived today, much to the excitement of the boys. I'm going to get them to do the real work -- the sampling, etc. -- and then add my own thoughts. They are products I have purchased in the past, though never regularly, and will likely buy again from time to time in the future. As part of the promotion the prices on these items have been lowered, making them more affordable.

What will you get out of reading and responding to our review? Well, courtesy of Loblaws, one of my readers will win a matching basket of goodies, so stay tuned!

My oldest is hopping up and down on one foot right now, badgering me about trying one product in particular, so I should really get to it and make a taste testing checklist for them so they can dive in. ;)

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