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In point form, because I don't really feel all that chatty:

  • Fertility Clinic appt went as well as could be expected. All of my hormone-related tests came back irritatingly A-OK, my uterine lining is perfect, I ovulate, and my tubes are clear. There is no good reason (other than the obvious bilateral cysts, measuring 4.5cmx2.5cmx2.5cm and 3.7cmx2.8cmx2.5cm respectively) for me to not getting pregnant on my end of things. As I think it extremely unlikely to be an issue of DH's, I can only assume that the cysts must be creating trouble.
  • I have laparoscopic surgery booked for the end of October. If my follow-up u/s confirms that the cyst(s) are still there and look(s) the same, I will already have my surgery date. If not, the date will be cancelled and we'll look at other immediate options. My chances of losing an ovary with this surgery is greater than normal, due to my history of endometriosis and my previous surgery, but at this point that is so far secondary that I am really not taking it into consideration. I lost 1/3 of my left ovary the last time and managed to get pregnant again. As long as one works, that's all that matters.
  • I went with H and A to see the Trews tonight. They were good -- I'd like to see them again in a better venue. The crowd tonight sucked pretty hard and it was challenging to let myself go as much as i'd like when everyone else seemed to think they were at the opera or something. We stopped for beers at the Barley Mow on the way back (I'm a great enabler when I want to be ;)) and had some nice chat. A is going to take a look at my thrift store guitar tomorrow and string/tune it for me. Hopefully he won't tell me it's rubbish and doesn't work or something. LOL I'm going over to H's tomorrow to help her build a deck--should be fun.
  • I am annoyed that I am enjoying The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. This was unexpected and in a weird (residual?) way unwelcome. I didn't want to enjoy it. I wanted to find it tedious and long and a terrible chore to slog through, goshdarnit.
  • I bought yarn and a circular needle at WoolTyme's warehouse sale. I am knitting baby things and Christmas gifts and am in love with Noro 'Cashmere Island'. This first scarf might end up being a nice gift to myself.
  • Day2 of my now-10-days-long period. It's nasty and painful and I'm very thankful for Tylenol with codeine and a Dr who refused to prescribe anything lower than T3. I am also thankful for the Diva Cup that might be the only thing that makes my life at all worth living for 10 days of every month. If you don't know what it is, you have no idea what a great thing you are missing. I've had it since Spring and I've already saved its' purchase price thrice over in tampons/etc I've not had to buy. This is really awesome for the money savings alone. It also cuts down on my cramping and lasts a lot longer.
  • I met my new neighbour (finally) tonight. I got back around midnight and decided to sit in the backyard, enjoy a beer, and listen to the crickets. At about the same time, his cat decided it needed a walk. As he is a conscientous cat-owner, he walks him on a leash and I got a chance to say 'hi'. He seems really nice. I will refer to him as 'P'. :)
  • I am officially addicted to ChallengeSudoku on Facebook. What is funnier is that my oldest son is pretty intrigued by it as well.
  • #2 got a haircut. He's now sporting a rocking fauxhawk. He gets really pissed when it won't stand up first thing in the morning. It's kind of funny.
  • I have been watching an awful lot of Torchwood.

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