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I've been pretty lazy about posting this summer -- the nice, cool weather and damp days have lulled me into a near-perpetual state of reflection. They hearken to the summers of my childhood in Nova Scotia in which I recall few of the steamy, sunny days that define the Ottawa summer. While others are complaining about this change in the season, I am busy embracing it. Yesterday I cleared out about 40% of our raspberry canes -- cutting them to the ground and reserving a couple for friends. I raked out the spent grains from DH's brewing to allow them to dry and further decompose, and am intending to tackle the second row of the raspberries later this week. I also "mowed" the front lawn (read: "clipped with grass shears", as we sold our electric mower and have declared ourselves lawn-free) and did some weeding. I identified several more grapevines that I may pot up to sell at the next yard sale, stripped several layers of hideous white paint from one side of an antique table purchased about 10 years ago, finished knitting another apple cozy, and did some spinning outdoors. Yesterday was a full and wonderful day. Today will be busy, as our coop order arrives this afternoon.

I just finished reading a very interesting book -- Portrait of a Marriage -- that I think a number of you might find interesting. It's the story of a real couple who found their own equilibrium in the state of marriage that tolerated, nay, accepted the primarily same-sex liasons of each partner for the roughly 50-year span of their marriage. Part first-person confessional by the wife, part biography by the son, it was a glimpse into the workings of an interesting group of people and a couple who embraced their ideology of what constituted the perfect partnership despite the moral censure of the era.

While I am on the topic of same-sex shenanigans, is anyone [interested in] going to this month's Guerilla Gayfare? It being Pride and all, I'm half-interested in going. :)

In an unrelated note, I hope to have something fun and exciting to share with you all soon -- everyone likes free stuff, right? Well, so do I and some freebies are just too tempting to turn down.. stay tuned!

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