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He's A Real High-Stepper

Every now and then #2 comes out with a gem that leaves me at a complete and utter loss for reponse. This morning was a prime example:

[#2 prances around the living room on tiptoes for a few minutes. Mid-prance, he half turns, looks at me coyly over his shoulder and announces the following..]

#2: "Mommy, I'm pretending I'm wearing lady shoes wif da tall fings in da back. Dey make me walk like dis." [sashays around his tiptoe circle again] "I like da tall lady shoes -- dey're pretty. Aren't I a beeyootiful lady, Mommy?" [stops, poses with hand upon thrust-out hip, dips his head and flutters his eyelashes]

Oh boy am I going to be in trouble when he hits his teens!

I mean, seriously, what does a mother say to that?!