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I write about about being a 40-something mum of six wonderfully exasperating children, attachment parenting, my adventures in the kitchen, and whatever else comes to mind. 



While snuggling with #1 on the couch the other night, it struck me how even in our modern age mothers still know the smell of their children. #1 smells like sweet, fresh-cut hay. His brother smells like the ocean. After finally finding a lacy stitch pattern that I liked, I've now got about 4" of a baby cardigan knit. I have decided that I really hate baby yarn. I really, really hate it. Once the cardigan is done, I'll be doing a hat with the same stitch pattern and then a couple of simple mitts to complete the outfit. I'm already done the booties.

I'm rewatching Torchwood. I'm heading for Disc 3 tonight or tomorrow night. It is very conducive to knitting and I imagine would be good for spinning as well. I don't forsee getting my wheel out until November or so -- too many other fair weather projects on the go just now -- lucky for me, S2 of Torchwood should be out mid-November. I predict friends and family will be gifted knitted goods for Christmas. ;)

We had a Brew'n'Q over the weekend. It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone. There were a lot of kids. The grown-ups were almost outnumbered! I let the kids make a fort out of the giant box my new patio set came in -- #2 fell asleep inside it at the end of the evening.

I'm reading Brideshead Revisited. It isn't quite what I was expecting.

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