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Fried Egg

Today is a wonderful Friday -- grey and cool, with a touch of damp and a promise of an Ottawa thundershower. I couldn't wait to take my coffee out to the yard for gardening this morning. I put down a couple more bags of mulch on the back garden, moved some old timbers from the kids' area, planted a few more plants and did some weeding. I may go out again in a bit to do a bit more, as we have a Brew'n'Q planned for tomorrow. I like to try and maintain at least a bit of forward-motion in my landscaping from one event to the next -- makes me feel as if I'm making a bit of progress.

The new neighbours are moving in across the back fence. I haven't met them yet, but I can't help hoping that they'll be youngish -- somewhere in our age range -- as it would be nice to have another friendly set of neighbours. Judging by the box-spring they have sitting out under their porch, they're experiencing the joys of a small house in much the way we did when we moved in here back in 2001. Box-springs and old houses don't often get along and box-springs are generally too big to fit through a window. :) This reminds me that I have to measure our bedroom window to see if I can get the 1930's wardrobe out through it. I have plans for it, providing I can get it downstairs -- and I know from experience that it will not make it to our first floor in any conventional manner!

No updates on the cyst stuff. I had a very disturbing cycle this month and they have really been bothering me, but no news about surgery yet. I finally went in and got a prescription for codeine to manage the pain  -- it took me awhile to get to this point and while I prefer to not take anything at all, it is a big relief to know that I have something to handle the pain when it becomes too much for me to cope with on my own. I'm hoping to hear something sooner than later at this point.  It has also had me giving some hard thought to whether I need to tell myself I'm done having kids even though I don't yet feel my family is complete. This is a pretty emotional subject for me, but is one that bears addressing at this point. I would like to take a more permanent step towards dealing with my endometriosis and the options are not compatible with maintaining fertility. Tough subject. Tough choices. Being a grown-up can really suck sometimes.

I'm planning another yardsale for next weekend -- weather-permitting, I will probably do it both mornings again. Not sure what I'll have out to sell, but it will be as much as I can fit on my two tables. We simply *have* to get rid of stuff and at least this way I can make a bit of money towards buying some new bookshelves to match the one we have already.

Anyone need grape vines or raspberry canes? I have oodles of both and am on the verge of weeding/digging them out and discarding them. If you're interested in some, let me know when you can come over with a bucket and a strong back. You're welcome to whatever you feel like digging out on your own. :)

Totally unrelated, but is anyone interested in checking out this month's Guerilla Gay-Fare Ottawa with me? I've never gone but would like to make it out to one (or more) and don't want to go alone.  Be my "date"? ;)


Yard Sale - Round 1