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Yard Sale - Round 1

I ended up running my yard sale both mornings this weekend. Saturday was a constant merry-go-round of covering everything with plastic to protect it from rain and uncovering it again 5 minutes later when the rain stopped. Not many people were out and about, so I decided to try again today to see how things went. The weather was a lot nicer today and about half the stuff I had out sold. From what is left, I'm holding onto 50% for the next sale (stuff that could probably sell) and donating the rest (mostly clothing and shoes and holiday stuff). In total, I made $67.75!

I figure that's not bad at all, and it's a tidy sum to put forwards towards an Ikea bookcase to match the one we already have. Slowly but surely, I intend to drag us out from underneath our momentous collection of "Things". Clutter is surely a killer for creativity.

On an unrelated note, Torchwood = ~drool~


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