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"He'll Be A Heartbreaker!" And Other Stuff

Tuesday morning a friend and her daughter (L) came by to visit. L is a very sweet and precocious little girl and a good influence on my rambunctious boys. She's a few months older than #2, but probably the better part of a year ahead of him in cognitive and expressive skills. She's so cute -- I could quite happily have her visit anytime. #2 really likes her too (despite insisting that he is going to marry my high school BFF, H, when he grows up), and often talks about how she has curly blonde hair just like his. #2 is very appreciative of the finer points of the female esthetic (yes, he's 4), so when he saw L come in wearing a frilly white dress he had to compliment her:

#2: "[L], your dress is very pretty!" [beams an eyeblinding smile at her]

L: "Thank you."

#2: "I like your beautiful necklace too!" [another blinding smile]

L: "Thank you."

#2: [now that the niceties are over] "Let's go play."

L: "Okay."

It was really cute. He's like this with most girls, though -- an inherent understanding of the power of a compliment is not a bad life skill to have, IMO!

In other news, I won a free double pass to see Pineapple Express next week. This is the second double movie pass I've won this summer. I haven't even really been trying to win them -- I sometimes enter the movie pass contests when I'm online every day putting in my entry for the various XBox and Wii contests. I hope my luck pays off for one of those!

The yard sale is still on for Saturday morning, in my driveway, from 9am-12pm. Lots of great stuff and more being added to the pile on an almost-hourly basis. I'm also going to have a pile of empty DVD and CD cases marked as "free", so if anyone needs to replace a broken case my yard is the place to be!

Yard Sale - Round 1