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Straws and Camels

This is going to be one of those "too much information" posts. My follow-up with the Fertility Centre was supposed to be this Thursday but with a shake-up at DH's workplace it just wasn't doable. I called to rebook and the earliest I could get in is August 22nd. I made the appt and then phoned my Family Doctor and booked another for Monday. I want these cysts out. I want them out now and I know that I'll have more waiting to do regardless before I can have them surgically removed, so I want her to get things in motion with a gyno surgeon.

I spent most of last night in agony -- my lower back, bowel, uterus/ovaries and bladder all throbbing like one humungeous bruise centering on a hot coal. Tylenol couldn't touch it. It was near impossible to get comfortable enough for my sleeping pill (which would normally drop me in 10 minutes or less) to knock me out. This past month since the hysterosonogram has been the worst yet for discomfort -- there have been a fair number of days with spontaneous pain and the times when the pain has been brought on by activity are excruciating. To be honest, they always kind of hurt but it's a dull, low-level pain that I've gotten sort of used to over the last year or so. It's this newer hot pain that I can't tolerate -- don't want to tolerate.

I'm done. The thought of waiting until the end of the summer to even discuss what I might consider doing about them makes me want to cry. I'm so sick of this crap.

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