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Giving In To The Gnome Side..

I admit it. I have become a geek -- hopefully in a friendly and non-threatening "nerd grrl" sort of way, but there you have it. I took a brief stroll through my garden this afternoon to check on the plants I added yesterday when I caught myself eyeing the patio area, envisioning chairs laid out around one of those big wooden cable-spool tables, kids playing in the background, and a big bowl of multi-sided dice strategically located next to a large pitcher of beer.

Yes, I would like a third try at getting a D&D group together.

It might be time to dust off my gnomish alter-ego, "Slim Twinkletrunk", and work at suspending my perception of reality again. ;) (I must say that it *was* rather fun playing a charismatic 3.5' "himbo" with the attention span of a gnat and the wisdom of a potato. :D Being handsome and stupid can be incredibly entertaining!)

I don't know if I'm amused or ashamed to have admitted that..

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