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I'm feeling a tad oogy this morning -- it's either the reduced dosage of Effexor, the news that my great-uncle's cancer has taken a turn for the worse and he is in the hospital, or nerves regarding my hysterosonogram this morning. Blomidon PinkThere's also the possiblilty that I am a wee bit stressed about our upcoming camping adventure with the boys.. One bright thing in all this is that our miserable humidity and heat has made all my rosebushes burst into bloom all at once -- I was a little worried I'd miss them while we were camping. :) They smell delicious! Another bright thing is that in a few days I will be knitting on the beach. Woo!

ETA: The hysterosonogram wasn't much fun -- the cysts made it very uncomfortable and the test itself has given me a hellacious set of cramps. The good news is that I have no visible uterine abnormalities and, despite us expecting otherwise, two perfect fallopian tubes. The bad news is that the cysts are still there and the left one is likely another endometrioma -- this is the same side from which I had one removed 6.5 years ago. The one on the right (the smaller of the two) looks as though it could be a "normal" cyst. I have two more rounds of bloodwork and then we have our "big" consult in mid-July. The cysts are really starting to bother me more now and I want them out, so we'll see how it all goes.

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