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Six Degrees Of Seperation: The Kindergarten Installment

#2 and I were up pretty early today -- he's suffering a head cold and is in need of some extra Mommy Time today. While mixing together muffin batter, he started into some academic calisthenics and the following gem evolved from his never ending monologue:

#2:      "Mommy, I'm strong like Papa." [makes game face and *grrrrrr* sound while striking a bodybuilder pose] "Papa the sailor man! He eats spinach and is really strong. I'm strong too. I don't like spinach. Spinach is green like grass. I can't see the grass right now, 'cause it's under the snow. Snow is really cold. It's cold like ice cubes! Mommy, did you know that ice cubes are frozen water squares? I like squares, they have four sides. I'm four years old! Four years old boys drink big boy milk. Big boy milk is white. Hey! Mom! Our garbage can is white! And Papa the sailor man lives in a garbage can!"

I swear it's enough to make my head spin at this time of the morning. ;)

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