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Hoping The Cool Kids Will Let Us Come Play

Today is a red letter day for me, despite the threatening migraine lurking in my right temple. Today I found a copy of Season 2 of Don McKellar's animated show Odd Job Jack in a bargain bin for $7. Much like my deep-seated lust for Jim Cuddy, I also cherish a special tendresse for Don. I have loved him since 1993, when I saw Highway 61 for the very first time. Who couldn't fall in love with a naive Canadian barber unwittingly transporting a cadaver -slash- drug mule on the ultimate road trip to the American deep dark South? And then Twitch City came along and he gained a piece of my heart forever..  Suffice to say when the DVD releases of H61 and TC were announced I pre-ordered them on Amazon months in advance and nervously sat nibbling my fingernails as the release date was pushed off again and again, fearing the worst.  *Ahem* I do believe I am getting a tad sidetracked..

Today also marks the date of my very first submission to my very first craft sale. A talented jewellery artist and myself teamed up and prepared a joint application for a table at Ladyfest's springtime Not Your Grandma's Craftsale. I'm incredibly nervous, incredibly excited, and terribly hopeful that we will be accepted. We won't find out until mid-April, so I will start making stuff under the assumption that we will get the table.

The story of how I "met" her is rather funny - remember the great lake swimmers concert I attended last fall? And the lady from the 'hood I happened to meet? Well, Nicole is a friend of hers and she managed to connect us with each other and provide (for me, anyway) the much needed encouragement to apply to the sale. It's funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it?

Cross your fingers we get a callback!

Long Live The Internet

Long Live The Internet

And Here I Thought He Wanted The Other Parent