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And Here I Thought He Wanted The Other Parent

#2: [from his room at 1:30am] Mommy.. Mommm-mmmyy.. Mommy!

DH: [sits up and then pokes me] Wake up, #2 wants you..

Me: Okay, I'll go see what he wants.

[I walk to the boys' room. #2 is sitting up in bed waiting for me.]

Me: What's up, Buddy? What do you want?

#2: Where's Popo?

Me: In bed, sleeping.

#2: [big dejected sigh] Oh. I fought he was at Aikido.

See, the routine in our house is that once DH has left for Aikido around 5:40am the boys are allowed to come in our room and cuddle with me in the big bed when they wake up. What I'd thought was a sweet change of allegiance was actually him wanting to find out if his father was gone yet.

That said, I was awoken by him again at 5:35am. He was crying hysterically that his Popo had just left for Aikido through the kitchen door.


This is just one story from yesterday. I made an editorial decision not to post about the (hilarious and uncomfortable) discussion I was forced into under duress with him about the difference between "poop air" and "farts". (For the record, I maintain they're the same thing. He disagrees.) I'll just pencil that one onto the ever-growing list of conversations I never anticipated having with a 4-year old.

#2 just asked me what I was writing here on my laptop. After considering my response, he asked me to let you all know that he loves Mommy's big old bum.


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