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It's that time of year, isn't it? I've noticed this popping up in my friends' blogs, so I suppose I should post in kind: In 2008, I resolve to:

1. Live healthier -- eat better, go to the gym regularly, find an outdoor activity that I enjoy and make it part of my routine.

2. Live happier -- take a few moments at the beginning of every day to think about five different things that make me feel content and keep them in mind through the rest of my day. I'm going to try harder not to sweat the small stuff and make my internal dialogue shut up more often. I am also going to think of five things I can do each day that will impact the lives of the people around me in a positive manner.

3. Create -- I am going to take some time every single day to work on a project that makes me happy. Some of this may result in a more focused attention on my Etsy stuff, but immediately I've several upholstery projects claiming space in a friend's basement that need to be addressed.

4. Paint -- my living room and dining room. I'm tired of waiting for renovations to be finished. I'm just going to paint them and worry about holes in the wall later.

5. Get out and meet new people -- I'm a self-confessed social inept. I intensely dislike social situations, particulary with people I do not know well. I recognize, however, that I will never get to know those people well if I don't make an effort to spend time with them on a more frequent basis. I resolve to participate in the various crafting/knitting/social groups to which I belong and make some new friends.

Most of this is simply a continuation of self-work from 2007. My depression is mostly under control, I've a few health issues to sort out this year, and my kids are old enough that they can easily self-entertain. I have the time now to focus more on myself and that's what I am resolving to do this year.


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