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I write about about being a 40-something mum of six wonderfully exasperating children, attachment parenting, my adventures in the kitchen, and whatever else comes to mind. 


A Few Things

  1. Dear Anonymous Lady in the yarn section at Walmart: I think I love you. I just might have the basics of this crochet stuff figured out now, thanks to your impromptu tutorial. I wish you speedy results in your afghan endeavours.

  2. I fulfilled my 2007 New Year's resolution. On December 31st, I purchased a membership to the fitness center. I was chuffed to know that I wasn't the only person who waited so long to complete their annual resolution requirements. My 2008 New Year's resolution is to actually go on a regular basis and if I find the jogging bra of my dreams I might even try to give that "running" thing a whirl. It seems popular.

  3. I'm trying to get my Etsy thing up and going again after my holiday "crafting for profit" hiatus. I just stocked a couple grab bags of coordinated craft paper in addition to four 1 dozen batches of custom biscotti. Go and check it out--I'm not going to be modest. My biscotti is awesome--by times it can even verge on a truly spiritual experience.

  4. I enjoyed the "making" and "finding" parts of my holiday gift challenge so much fun this past Christmas that I'm going to do the same thing in December 2008, albeit expanding to include small-scale local artisan-made wares.

  5. A funny story: I had a batch of gingersnap biscotti drizzled in dark chocolate all bagged and tagged to send to my FIL. #2 went out to the kitchen foraging for snacks and "found" it. When I informed him that it was for his Papa, he took it back to the kitchen and then disappeared. I later found him huddled in a ball, hiding behind our dishwasher sobbing his heart out because he was "doh-ing to miss da bisdoddi wif da cheloklolit". It all at once brought a tear to my eye and made me giggle. That boy's awfully passionate about his food, you know!

Happy New Year, Everyone, and all the best in 2008 to you and yours. :)


"No, it's your father. Really."