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I write about about being a 40-something mum of six wonderfully exasperating children, attachment parenting, my adventures in the kitchen, and whatever else comes to mind. 


"No, it's your father. Really."

Things you don't want to hear at 5:10am:

#2: "Mommy"

[pauses to poke me in the eye a couple times to make sure that I'm awake]  

#2: "Moooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyy......"

Me: "*snarf* ~gurgle~ ^snort^ Ehh..whasshappening whatimeisit gotobed.. *groan"

#2: [stage whisper] "Mommy, I hear Santa downstairs at the door!"

[I listen, hear DH getting ready for his Aikido class.]

Me: "That's your father getting ready to leave. Go back to bed."

[At this point a 45 minute argument ensues about whether the noises are Santa or his father, by which time I am so awake that my brain hurts, I feel hungover without the knowledge that I at least had a rocking time the night before, and I'm desperately wishing that my four year old was as skeptical about stuff as his older brother.]

A Few Things

Let It Snow!