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Let It Snow!

So our city is under a 24hr snow clearing plan right now--this basically means don't park on any roads unless you want to be ticketed and/or towed, and don't drive if you can avoid it. After confirming that the boys' book party at the school is postponed, we decided to call it a snow day and stay home. I think the snow might come up to #2's shoulders. I'm tempted to dress the guys up and toss them out into a snowbank--the only thing holding me back is the very real possibility that I may never find them again. It's pretty deep out there! This works out well for me, as I have big plans to make several batches of biscotti today. We need to get our East Coast parcels mailed (and soon!), so I need to produce a nice assortment to tuck into the packages as well as some extras for other purposes. Holiday shopping was a lot easier than expected this year because I challenged myself to buy everything secondhand or make it myself--the only exception to this are the stocking stuffers and things for the kids. I've had a lot of fun prowling the antiquarian book stores, junk and antique shops, and have been surprisingly productive in crafting. I'm taking photos, but won't post them until after the holidays--I don't want to spoil any surprises! ;)

I finally gave up on my "purge 2007" blog. I kept procrastinating with the updates and was tracking stuff on little bits of paper. The little bits I was still able to find, along with what I already listed, totalled over 700lbs--this doesn't take into account a pile of IVAR shelving we gave away, nor the wingback armchair, toys, dishes, books and ginormous bag of clothing in the back of the van waiting to go to St. VdP. I suspect that by year end, I'll be closing in on 1000lbs. Not bad, IMO, but a little sobering as there's still plenty more to go. I am planning to do a Purge 2008 blog, but will be running it through Wordpress to make things a bit easier for me.

Saturday night we invited some friends to our house to help us decorate for Christmas. The boys had a blast and are extremely excited to have the Christmas tree set up! We go for "simple" here, so the tree is sparsely covered in tin icicles and stars, tinfoil-covered cardboard stars pinned into the buds at the end of the braches, a bit of silver tinsel, some red and white wooden garland and a homemade star covered in tinfoil at the top. Some "pure white" LED lights set it off quite nicely, though I'm interested to see the various new "warm" white LED lights that are available this year. I still have to get a few outdoor decorations up, but other than that we're pretty much ready to go. :)

Now, to have a smidge more tea and figure out what flavours of biscotti I shall be baking today..

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