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Cuddy's Anatomy

I've been hooked onto Grey's Anatomy. A well-meaning friend loaned me the first two seasons on DVD to watch. I chewed through both seasons in a little over a week and am about to start watching them over again from the beginning. I'm coveting season 3. Oy, the eye candy! The drama! The blood and gore! The overly-dramatic narration! By the end of the first episode I was totally buying into the McDreamy moniker, but couldn't quite put my finger on precisely why I found him so.. uh.. McDreamy--that is, I couldn't figure it out until I went to the store with #1 on Saturday and popped in a Jim Cuddy disc for driving music. That's when it hit me--McDreamy is what Jim would be if Jim were a doctor in a sexy, over-theatrical hospital drama! It all makes so much sense to me now. ;)

(And does Meredith ever stop being so damn' whiny?)

Surrealism 101

Riding High On A YO K2TOG