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Pretty, Pretty Polka-dots

We held our first annual Halaloween Boo-n-Q Saturday night. Lots of costumes, lots of food, lots of kids--lots of fun! Of course, hand in hand with lots of kids came lots of coughing, sneezing and silliness--at one point there was a disco dance party happening in the boys' bedroom with most of the kids lined up on the bed cutting a rug to "Shake Your Groove Thing". The high point of my evening was when my best mate from high school showed up with her fella dressed as Lou and Andy from Little Britain--even my oldest kid knew who they were! It was brilliant. :)

The high point of the next day was seeing a spot on #1's tummy and then, a couple hours later, seeing two or three more. Over the course of the day he sprouted more than 50 spots and I declared our home a pox-zone, contacting folks who were at the party to let them know they were exposed. Both boys have been home from school this week as a result--I am pretty sure #2 had them last year (2 spots total), but with a good exposure he might have another incidence of them. If not, I can rest assured he's immune. When I called the school to let them know, they told me that #1 was the school's first case this year which means he likely picked them up at judo or aikido class.

We've spent this week napping, getting over head colds, watching Planet Earth and Blue Planet (totally awesome, btw), and doing some crafty things. Yesterday I sewed a bat costume for #1 to wear trick-or-treating without a pattern and it turned out pretty good. I'm not happy with the neck, but that's primarily because I intended to use elastic and then couldn't find any so cinched it in with a temporary piece of yarn. I'll put some elastic in later this week, probably, and then they'll have another dress-up costume. #2 got yet another wear out of his elephant costume--he wore it at the Boo-n-Q, but had gotten himself so wound up in excitement earlier that day that he passed out (in costume!) into deep sleep on my lap just after the last kids arrived.

Last night dh laughed at me when I exhorted the kids to eat more candy--that they were eating too slowly! Well, it seems my plan worked pretty well as this morning all the candy is spread out on the floor and the kids are ignoring it. :) Besides, if you can't eat candy until you are sick on Halloween when can you?

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