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I write about about being a 40-something mum of six wonderfully exasperating children, attachment parenting, my adventures in the kitchen, and whatever else comes to mind. 


Mr. Cuddy, meet your destiny! ;)

I love my husband. I reallyreallyreally love my husband. I love Blue Rodeo. I know all the words. I can mosh to Diamond Mine. I've been tempted to flash Jim my boobies. I can't explain why, but for some reason I think he's one of the sexiest "old guys" ever! (Well, with possibly the exceptions of Anthony Hopkins and Sean Connery. Bruce Willis ranks pretty high, as well--particularly when he's saving the Earth from imminent destruction. Mr. "Sugartits" used to make the list too before he snapped and turned into crazy fundamentalist Mel. Okay, so I like old guys--sue me!) Anyway, I was a bit down about not going to see Blue Rodeo at Bluesfest this year--I'd been intending to go, but at the last minute couldn't justify the cost and had mostly made myself okay with it all. Tonight dh came home and announced that he scored me a ticket 1/2 price from work--yay!

Thursday night it's just going to be me and Jim--my wrinkly, scrawny sex god! (Oh, and anyone else who goes to the concert, I suppose.. but my eyes won't be on them.. Mwrowr! ;))

Gloria Steinem, How I Love Thee!

Recipe: Broccoli Salad