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A Little Bit Of Busy

In light of wanting to spin all the luscious fibre I've been dying, I wound an old merino single from last year off of one of my bobbins. merino singleIt's 485' in length--I haven't checked the WPI yet, but it feels like sock weight. I'm pretty happy with the consistency I managed with this as, at this point, I had only begun to spin thinner singles. I'm not sure what I will do with it right now, as it is a highly-energized single. I may try making a Dream Swatch (warning! link opens a PDF!). I also sat down and made some stitch markers. They range from 3cm - 6cm in length, and use a combination of amethyst, sodalite, and agate beads. They will fit on needles US size 8 and smaller. I think they're awfully pretty and might even have to make some for myself! stitch markersNo two are the same as I made them at whim. I will be listing these for sale in my etsy shop at some point.

Today we're having a Brew 'n' Q in the backyard while Alan, my husband, brews yet another batch of beer. I'm hoping to sneak in some gardening, too--and a trip to the Herb and Spice for milk.

Maybe I'll take my brand-new funky grocery cart out for its inaugural run!

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