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Sunday Project

As Alan, my husband, is off getting his ass kicked today at an Aikido seminar, I figured it would be fun to dye some of the bag-full of uncarded cotswold locks I've had kicking around the craft room. Today's dying endeavour used 500ml mason jars, Wiltons icing dye, and the "3-2-1" microwave method--heat for 3min, tamp, heat for 2min, tamp, heat for 1min, tamp and let stand until the dye is absorbed. After they dry, I'll be combing the locks and using them in a first attempt at making felt. I've a yen to make a felt baby hat, but have to figure out what round fruit approximates the circumference of a 1 month old noggin--I'm guessing tangelo, but I might be wrong. I'm fully expecting strange looks when I pull out a tape measure in the produce store and start measuring melons. Felt looks fairly straight-forward and seems to have endless artistic potential.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can come up with!

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