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Surprising (to me, anyway)

I am a member of a buying group belonging to the Ontario Natural Foods Coop. I use my membership primarily as a way to purchase items I would otherwise buy from the Herb & Spice or the Loblaws natural foods section at a significantly lower price. From time to time, I use it as an opportunity to try something new--selections in the past have been canned Indian food, different teas, and organic chocolates and soda. On our most recent order, I purchased some Evergreen Wheatgrass Juice. It comes in a conveniant little tray of cubes that can be popped out and mixed with water or juice. I've heard a lot about the benefits of wheatgrass juice (as well as a lot of horror stories), and thought I'd give it a whirl--at worse, I'd finish this package and never order any more.

It wasn't awful--I figure this is a testament for the product, as friends and family who've consumed WGJ for various reasons can't tell me often enough how they'd rather lick the bottom of a lawnmower. I didn't find those first few glasses overly enjoyable, however, and conveniently "forgot" about the package in my freezer.

Today I was drinking my customary glass of lemon juice and water (love this) and decided I would try adding a cube of the wheatgrass to see if it would be any better--I figured it might taste a bit like cilantro, in liquid form. And, since I like cilantro, I hotfooted it down to the basement to get a cube for my glass.

It's good. It's very good. It actually tastes very similar to a slightly green honeydew melon. Yum.. This could be my new most-favorite refreshing drink!

(I wonder what would happen if I added some booze.. ;) )

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